Henini Ranch Rescue

Our Mission Statement

                      MISSION STATEMENT
Henini Horse Rescue is an organization based on the premise that
all horses and other animals should live free from cruelty,
neglect and abuse.

      This non profit charity was established for the purpose of
relieving the suffering of all horses from neglect, abuse and
needless death.  We wish to provide them with a loving
environment and a second chance to find a caring home for the
rest of their days.  If no home can be found, Henini will become
the sanctuary for the horses and other animals needing loving care.

      Many horses simply end up in a rescue situation due to lack of
training or being too young or old to be of use to mankind.  
Henini  is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of unbroken or
unhandled horses and to  the very young and the aged horses
that are often rejected.

      Money is always a pressing need in rescue. Feed, hay, shelter
and veterinary care are the largest of expenses. We also need
farrier care. Your support can help the rescue continue to rescue and
rehabilitate these wonderful animals.

      Though we focus on horses and donkeys, we also take in dog, cats, and any animal needing shelter and love. It has always been a focus to make sure that those who are left uncared for should find their furrever home.
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